Offerings for Energetic Mastery  

We are alive in a time where planetary consciousness is shifting, purifying, and unifying rapidly.

Energy Mastery and the many esoteric and practical-human layers these whole-bodied practices and ways of existing entails are quickly becoming essential as we awaken to the truth of who we are and remember how to navigate our ever-changing internal/external realities.

Energy work is in essence about frequency mastery. The practice begins when we come to know our energy as a sacred and precious high value currency. Full-bodied practices like self-inquiry, energetic hygiene, embodiment, emotional awareness, balanced energy exchange, energy cultivation, energetic sovereignty, and more are essential to a healthy system and ability to not just interact with but fully receive ourselves and reality as they are moment-to-moment. Ultimately, the willingness to be with all of oneself is what allows us to become intimate with All of Life.

The Foundations of Mastery 

Working with energy and multidimensionality in a clear, grounded, integrative, and non-harmful way requires us to show up with integrity, honesty, and willingness. In order to not just connect to but, receive, hold, run, and integrate higher and stronger octaves of energy, we must have the ‘hardware’ or system bandwidth and resiliency to run higher frequencies of ‘software’ or simply, energy.

Much of this work will open you to higher levels of reality and the opportunity to integrate and embody vaster levels of Self, therefore it is imperative that you are:

- Practicing basic energetic hygiene 
- Able to self-regulate the nervous system  
- Operating as the Divine Director of yourself and your reality
- Aware of how to ground and maintain a well-grounded system
- Comfortable with being in the body and processing energy through the body
- In touch with imagination and the imaginal realms, but free from fantasy and delusion
- Comfortable with and committed to the practice of being authentic moment-to-moment
- Willing to openly dance with the union of opposites and divine paradox in all perceptions

“I searched for myself and found only God. I searched for God and found only myself.”


Pilar is committed to the practice of being a clear conduit and a living embodiment of the Divine Human practice. She works in collaboration with her higher levels, the Earth, and the Higher Realms. 

She is committed to being tuned into the exact transmissions, creations, and frequencies needed for whoever is a match for her work. If you find yourself in one of her offerings or containers, this is a divine appointment that your Soul remembers.

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Pilar Marie Lesko

Pilar was initiated into seeing and communing with the unseen through the loss of her Mother, Kathleen, at the tender age of 2. This passageway catapulted her into an irrevocable connection to the Great Mystery.

Beginning her studies with Astrology and consciousness exploration at the age of 15, she has spent nearly 15 years immersed in the worlds of energy medicine, consciousness studies, the healing arts, the Mysteries, and her own integration and remembrance journey. She is a Conduit, Wayshower, Energy Worker, and Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner.

She believes that in order to interact with higher octaves of self and reality in a clear and grounded way, one must have cultivated a strong foundation of integrative inner work and deep intimacy with the Self.

Pilar is devoted to supporting people becoming who they already are through training in the realms of self, energy, emotional, and practical mastery. Many of her clients are entrepreneurs whom she supports in bridging energy mastery with business alchemy and wealth creation.

She weaves her high sensitivity, penetrating sight, extrasensory gifts, and a lifetime of practice to be, guide, and transmit in a way that invokes deep-seated remembrance and awakens one to the Divine Human Operating System.

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