Full ejection and transfer from artificial realities/timelines into eternal life-giving realities.

In service to the players Divine Human Operating System and pure and true organic "ascension/unification" process. 


If you (potential player) are not feeling CLEAR, SOVEREIGN, AND FREE and fully anchored in pure, eternal and organic timelines/realities and/or are still feeling anywhere from subtle to dramatic hooks into the artificial matrix (and the many sub-matrices this umbrella term includes) then the only thing that matters (if you so choose) in this Now is a full consciousness/reality UPLEVEL.

Receive the activation through the offering.

Said activation will manifest differently for different styles of game players.

Some will simply step onto this page and receive the activation that is needed; others will purchase and begin clearing/unhooking immediately; and many will listen to all the transmissions, use all the processes, and fully
REdownload all awareness of reality collapsing/creation and energy mechanics and the Divine Human OS.


πŸ† Purify the energy field and attune to/unify with the level of reality where the aspect of you that is CLEAR, SOVEREIGN, and FREE already exists

πŸ† Release the need to be liked, approved of, understood, and accepted by external illusions through full union with Self aka stop giving a f*ck

πŸ† Attune to, magnify, and accelerate the unification process that is already occurring

πŸ† Resurrect, rebirth, and embody the God-Self

πŸ† Know thySelf as a Divine Human / Creator Being

πŸ† Become entirely unavailable for and unable to create from distortion  

πŸ† Realize Heaven on Earth Now

πŸ† Become who you already are

πŸ† In-Joy All of yourSelf/Reality 

This offering/game does not exist at the dimensional octave of artificial matrix “fixing/willing/doing/seeking/healing" loops.

When you (the player) are clear + aware of the organic nature of yourSelf/reality you will always naturally BE initiated by yourSelf/reality into unification with the “next” or higher version of yourSelf. This version of self/reality will always pristinely and flawlessly override/overwrite/purify all false/lower aspects of self that cannot harmonize at the new level. This is pure organic healing/clearing and not a process you have to “do” or “try” at. 

IMAGINE this offering as a multidimensional video game where you are the player, the observer, and the Divine Director of the game.

This is your ordained “glitch in the matrix” aka wormhole into organic planes of reality.

You're welcome.


πŸ„ Must have a soul

πŸ„ Must feel/know or be willing to feel/know/begin embodying that you are a DIVINE HUMAN / CREATOR BEING

πŸ„ Must be willing to shapeshift / change costumes (prerequisite: realizing your myriad identities are costumes)

πŸ„ Must be willing to eject from any and all distortion and artificiality (no matter how comfortable or normalized it has become)

πŸ„ Must be willing to dissolve doing to get loops, clenching onto 3D outcomes, and the fear of investing in something that doesn't "make sense." Question: where has investing in things that "make sense" gotten you? How you feeling out there? You are on this page for a reason.

πŸ„ Must already be, in the process of, or 100% willing to eject fully from: victim template, fixing/healing loops, seeking loops, artificial business matrix, false identity attachments (needing to be seen as spiritual, good, pure, woke, right, activist, savior, empath, healer, feminine, masculine, ism’s, insert any other costume here. Don't worry – you can put them back on after you take them off), taking yourself/mission/reality overly serious, addiction to making things complicated/complex, needing something to be proven to you in the physical for it to work, needing to understand everything with mind, and more

πŸ„ Must be willing to commit to and show up fully for yourSelf and all organic initiations you co-create throughout the process

πŸ„ Must be willing to trust in and surrender to the nature of this activation (confusion, mind-spirals, emotional/mental/physical purging/clearing, body sensations, veil-dropping, falling out of resonance with entire realities quickly, rapid upgrades, reality rearranging/perception are all NORMAL and part of the process)

πŸ„ Must be willing to eject from any REALITY CREATION DISTORTIONS

πŸ„ Must be willing to activate or deepen into FULL trust, belief in, and connection to God/Source/I Am presence within and without (God through Self and Self through God)

πŸ„ Must be willing to apply the "serious/not serious" lens and IN-JOY the game and through that, all of your reality 

The parts of the collective who will match and harmonize with this offering will widely benefit from interacting with this (and all of reality) as a fun, playful, serious/not serious game. The game template serves myriad purposes; the one that is important to reveal being that OVERIDENTIFYING or OVER-ATTACHING with or to any false or illusory aspects of self or all around falling asleep in the game is a sure fire way to keep you stuck in the artificial matrix. 

ENJOY THE COSTUMES but, DON’T BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE THAT. Full emancipation requires a willingness to let go of everything the unintegrated ego clenches to in order to feel safe/secure/worthy in order to allow for a full HEART/EGO REBIRTH/UNIFICATION. 

“We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything, than when we are at play.”

–Charles Schaefer

The artificial matrix is more than just politics, mass-media, and reptilians/archons on the news (lol). As you attune to planes of reality beyond 3D, agendas/dark energy works in “smarter” and more veiled ways. This is why navigating the Astral realms and above requires mastery levels of clearness, sovereignty, and discernment. Many are initiated into these through their own face-off’s with “the dark” in its myriad forms.

It is important to know whatever is meant to be revealed to you, but it is also important that you do not let the knowing hook you into division/fear loops. Though veils may be removed and realities dismantled, the intention of this activation is that there is an awareness of and intention to attune to the level of the game where all duality/division timelines drop off. 

Please read Easter Eggs section in full before proceeding. 

(Easter egg is a term used to describe a message, image, or feature hidden in a video game)


πŸ’Ž War/division/duality timelines will completely DROP OFF. You are no longer in the “consciousness war” because you have graduated from the war frequency altogether. 

πŸ’Ž You are no longer desperately trying to FIX / HEAL / SAVE the planet because you have graduated from seeing planetary consciousness as something that needs to be healed and saved.

πŸ’Ž You are no longer trying to PUSH /  FORCE / WILL / MANIFEST your reality because you Now operate within a reality where your will is unified with Divine Will and All that is yours is actualized in divine timing. 

πŸ’Ž You are no longer consistently dealing with energetic sovereignty initiations, holes, hooks, implants, chords, or any form of distortion in your field because you are now running at a voltage/light quotient that is unavailable for INFILTRATION.

πŸ’Ž Though you can tune into, are aware of, and have emancipated compassion for the breakdown/combustion that is occurring, you see the higher frequency overwriting, overriding, and purification process exactly for what it is. You are no longer creating, connected to, or available for DISTORTION in ANY FORM. 

πŸ’Ž You not only become unavailable for any form of distortion/darkness but “darkness” actually becomes "afraid" of you. Your light quotient becomes so high that your ability to overwrite and override lower frequencies is a natural extension of your Creator state of BEingness.

πŸ’Ž You are no longer hooked onto karmic-laden dense timelines through ego or fear based service because you Now see that your highest service to All is based in anchoring and refining who you BE at each new level and through that providing consistent, compassionate, and magnified opportunities for harmonization to ALL willing hearts.

πŸ’Ž You collapse seeing yourself as "better than" any part of Creation. You are Now able to in-joy and interact with All of Creation freely while simultaneously not being affected by any false aspects. You dissolve the need to only interact with "spiritual people" and do "spiritual things" because you are no longer governed by spiritualized ego and can experience Spirit in All. You are One with the One.

There's a divine reason Jesus Christ willingly and happily hung out with sinners and prostitutes. 


- 5 x 35-65 minute transmissions (video recordings) on planetary consciousness, timeline breakdown, reality collapse/creation, hook/transfer/ejection/anchor mechanics, and guided processes

- organic integration opportunities provided effortlessly by reality (no “fixing/doing” assignments)

- guided audio processes to play
in the incoming frequencies

- 1 x 60 minute transmission (video recording) → Ego Integration + Heart Unification

- 2 x 60-80+ minute money transmission series (video recordings) → Infinite ReSource: Artificial Money Collapse

- access to the newly updated PDF → Mastery Tools Guide

My name is Pilar Marie Lesko and I Am a multidimensional activation

My gifts include (but are not limited to) energy mechanics mastery, timeline/reality collapsing/construction/creation, consciousness activations, physical reSource codes, and playful + radical wayshowing.

I Am the clear living embodiment of all codes made available through UPLEVEL. I only transmit what your Soul already knows. Nothing here will be ultimately new to you, it will however, be deeply freeing to get into the field of someone who is living it. 

The ascending collective is being given consistent opportunities to unify with All needed higher, past, and future aspects of Self available at this time. Higher level aspects of Self are already BEing, imagining, creating, and setting forth realites in ways and frequencies that are currently unfathomable and unexplainable. 

However, in this Now, the amount of energy fully inhabiting the “new” organic, eternal, life-giving (what I’m calling the Playground) timelines is still small. As I meet up with the others who are attuning, the next steps are crystalline clear: actualize/create/set forth opportunities to transfer and anchor more energy here.

The 2020/2021 Winter passageway–Spring is a time where many awakened hearts are physicalizing the etheric onto these new timelines. In order to allow this process to unfold, it is imperative that you are unhooked from all forms of distortion/artificiality and unified with your eternal nature.

This transfer is NOT about more fixing/forcing/seeking/saving/doing/creating from distortion; enough of that has already occurred. This is about getting into the field of a CLEAR, FREE, and PURE frequency and/or activation that will initiate the overriding/overwriting process and REdownload a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the Divine Human OS, energy mechanics, and how the holographic structure of this Universe functions. 

This Universe consists of both essence and architecture. It is imperative to know thySelf as a Creator-Being and REmember the mechanics of reality creation in order to fully emancipate your essence/energy from imagining, creating, feeding and magnifying any artificial/expiring architecture. 

Once you whole-heartedly see, feel, or know what is truly occurring, the ejection process is inevitable. Once you are in touch with and know it is your divine birthright to exist in higher organic levels of reality, game on. Once you have fully migrated your consciousness and UPLEVELED, your experience of yourSelf/reality will never be the same.

UPLEVEL is a chaotically organized + wildly accessible bridge to make transferring through my field/activations more widely available than it’s ever been before. The consciousness “time stamp” on this creation is Spring 2020 aka it’s long overdue.

The Divine Human Operating System is your birthright.


“UPLEVEL has sparked deep activations, initiations and remembrance within mySelf. Pilar has conceptualized what I have been feeling for a long time but didn't have the words for the energetics behind it. In UPLEVEL, I realized I have been operating on a level which I graduated from long ago and wearing certain veils to try to "make sense" to others.

Through the transmissions I was able to identify the hooks, cords, veils and distortions that I get to call back my energy from and dissolve. I feel more clear than I ever have in this incarnation and I know this is just the beginning. I get to fully own who I BE without watering myself down. THIS is true liberation. Thank you Pilar for your magic!

-Jackie, Energy Worker & Liberation Guide

“I am having so much fun engaging with it. Pilar, being with you in the videos has felt like meeting up with my cherished childhood friend at our favorite playground and laughing and squealing with joy and excitement as we reunite.

Pre-Uplevel's arrival, it was a trying week due to my mom being in the hospital and the continued lessening of her physical presence. When Uplevel appeared Friday, I was so excited! I listened to a lot of it, as well as one of the playlists, on a 4-hour solo drive to see my mom yesterday. I kept pausing the transmissions every time I felt a new decree and clearing ready to be vocalized, and I had so much fun snapping and decreeing and declaring in the car for hours! It felt so amazing and powerful to clear my energy field and anchor into myself and energy before seeing my mom in her current state- to walk into my parent's house as the Divine Daughter, Sunflower Child I am. On the last 30 minutes of the drive, I played the Infinite Resource playlist and dance-drove with so much fierce joy.

I feel so held by the teachings, your presence in them, and beyond. I'm excited to revisit them again already."

-Ellie, Heart & Soul Nurturer + Deep Transformational Coach

The Ego-Heart Unification class was the very last permission slip that I didn't even know I needed to completely recall any aspects of myself that still wanted to people-please, accommodate and cloak myself and others in the name of "love".

This class shows you how the greatest route towards "healing" and integration is not going to always be comfortable...when your being is LARGE. I now understand that true love for self and others is owning who you are without apology or dilution. Pilar is a clear channel that transmits these messages with the utmost intent to unshackle you from any bonds that your spirit has already begun to break free from."

-Lauren, Energy Healer, Intuitive Guide, Aromatic Alchemista

“Pilar is absolutely profound and receiving these transmissions has been the biggest, most powerful UPLEVEL that I have received in all my fucking years in this spiritual-do-more-bullshit thing. Please check it out if you feel any tingle of interest. Pilar is an amazing woman offering really, really, really profound transmissions. It's worth a million dollars".



“Full recalibration, frequency shift, taking directly to truth, clear & pure. And, it's amazing. It's fucking amazing."



“Only watched the first video of UPLEVEL so far, but already in love! So much wisdom. I was listening to the bit about hierarchy and got full body chills...I think that hook is gone now!"



“I am living for this #content (which hits on so many gd ACE "returning to" remembrances I've known and strayed from)."



“Already shifting & experiencing revelations about self in just the first lesson of UPLEVEL. I've taken life sooo seriously for so long. Tried to find labels to find who I am. I feel it all starting to shed, drop off."


“I signed up for Uplevel and it's great! I have no idea what Pilar is talking about half the time, but last night I was half-awake in my sleep and felt my energy calibrating. I'm the most non-woo super woo person (like, I talk to Earth spirits and see all these levels of consciousness, but at the same time very skeptical?), and it's powerful. Glad to have gone 'I have no idea what this is, but I want to do it."


“I felt called to UPLEVEL at the first message I received in my inbox. It might’ve been the first emoji - there was a Goat in there very early on that spoke very clearly to me. Alchemy was taking place in me by viewing the sales page. I waited and knew that when it was right for me to accept the invitation to play, that I’d know.


And then ReSource was transmitted, and I felt the call again to something my Spirit was saying YES to, this time, louder and more insistent, and I watched mySelf start to activate. On one the last ReSource emails before the portal closed, I read that UPLEVEL was strongly recommended as a prerequisite. I watched myself press purchase on UPLEVEL in one of the clearest and lightest and least complicated moments I’ve ever had in the circulation of money.


I am one and a half video transmissions in, and I have been activated like nothing I have experienced before in my life. As I emerge out of a very, very dense Dark Night of the Soul, what I’m integrating as I receive UPLEVEL is like Tetra tiles are landing into place and I code new DNA in the most utterly obvious and unequestioable sense of what could be considered such hyperbole. The downloads I am experiencing consistently in my waking reality are akin to the letting loose of a great dam, as the force of all that I have resisted so effortlessly and humorously streams in. I had the most glorious and opening breakthrough with my partner today. I am accessing gifts that have felt locked inside a cage in my chest. What a JOY.


Do you know those email programs that allow you to go through your inbox and MASS unsubscribe? What I am living as my waking state reality is like that. Like I’m SEEing the realities I have created and agreed to let run over the playground of my life, and with the same ease as clicking a button, I am liberated by the GREAT Unsubscribe.


My journey with this initiation began long, long before I hit PLAY. In fact I believe with the most blissful clarity, that I began this journey as Pilar and I collided and became friends years ago. It no wonder to me at all that she has painted  the canvas of her reality as gorgeously as she has.”